dtmslice viewing controls#

dtmslice is a 3D tomogram viewer with many powerful annotation tools - see the documentation here.

This document explains the basics of visualising a tomogram in dtmslice


dtmslice depicts a 2D slice of a 3D volume at its position within the 3D volume.

dtmslice overview

Important parameters of the slice are

  • the position of the slice

  • the thickness of the slice

  • the projection direction of the slice

  • the opacity of the slice

Viewing controls#

Some parameters can be controlled from the Shown slice controls on the left hand side of dtmslice

shown slice controls

A slice can be moved along it’s projection direction by left-click + dragging the mouse or using the mouse wheel.

moving a slice

The projection direction can easily be changed between ‘x’, ‘y’ or ‘z’ by hitting the x, y or z keys with your mouse on the slice. Mouse position controls the new position of the slice.


You can move the camera around the scene by ctrl + left-click + dragging the mouse.

move camera

You can save a copy of the active slice in dtmslice by hitting the s key.

save slice

A thickness of 10 means that the displayed slice will be an average over 10 slices along the projection direction.