About the project#

teamtomo.org was established in an effort to improve the ability of the cryo-ET community to integrate newcomers. #teamtomo is often used by members of the Cryo-ET community to share info or ask questions on Twitter.

The project is currently maintained by Alister Burt and Lorenzo Gaifas from the Gutsche Lab. Use of the teamtomo.org domain name is kindly provided by the Grotjahn lab. Moving forward, we hope that this project becomes a community endeavour. We plan to de-centralise maintenance as soon as possible, enabling a more open, transparent platform. If you’d like to help out, please do get in touch!

If you need help, want to suggest something or have questions about teamtomo.org, don’t hesitate to use the issue tracker on the repository, or to send and email to the mailing list at ttomo@googlegroups.com. For general cryo-EM questions, please use the CCP-EM mailing list.